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I always like this kind of publication: there is fiction, non-fiction, poetry and illustration – something for everyone – and I felt, from the start, that I would find this to be an enjoyable little zine. I was wrong. This is more than simply enjoyable: it is purely, simply, incredibly delightful! Becca De La Rosa almost moves me to tears, enlisting me to look for burn ointment in a Helsinki airport; E. Catherine Tobler’s gypsy girls are charming; and who is John Schoffstall? He seduced me with a few simple sentences and I feel that I should – at the very least – send him a thank you card for his prose. Thank you, John, that was so thoughtful. I love it: ‘–But youth is careless, and Jorge was young, so it happened that one dreary evening in November, in the raw, wet time when the etheric winds howl across the heath, Jorge felt –’ I won’t tell you what happens next. You will simply have to get a copy of “Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet” for yourself. (Andree Lachapelle) (Andree Lachapelle)

Small Beer Press, 176 Prospect Ave., Northampton, MA 01060

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