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zine review:

Les Mont-Royals

Les Mont-Royals is a series of one-page comics revolving around the iconic cross perched on Montreal’s Mont Royal. The zine is a strange, frequently violent affair, populated by stick-figure men and minimalist drawings. In one comic, a man climbs onto the cross only to get crushed by an incoming passenger jet. In another, a giant is fellated by the cross. Others feature the cross being converted into the McDonald’s golden arches, a man falling from above and becoming impaled on it, as well as a modern-day crucifixion. I’m not really sure what to make of all this; the zine appears to be part culture-jam, part juvenility–the object in question being a significant and considerably loaded landmark for Montrealers. Although momentarily thought-provoking, this doesn’t really have the artistry or longevity to capture the reader’s attention for any significant amount of time. (Michael Tau)

Comic, Issue 2, Alain Mercieca

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