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I began reading this zine on the Metro on my way to a show featuring some grunge-inspired bands, so Anto’s introductory piece connected with me. He begins this issue by writing about a Mudhoney show he recently attended in Dublin, which leads to reminiscence about his more youthful days, his love of grunge and having been attracted to Mudhoney over the more commercially successful Nirvana and Pearl Jam. So I arrived at my show feeling like I’d stepped back into 1991, clutching onto my old school style fanzine amidst a sea of flannel shirts. (Granted, I was six-years-old in 1991, but am a fan of grunge nonetheless.)
Loserdom reads like something of a combination between perzine, fanzine and scene report, as brothers Anto and Eugene (and contributing friends) write about local shows, bicycle trips and recommended books, alongside zine and music reviews and various comics. What was particularly interesting in this issue were the interviews with people who were the neighbourhood punks in the 1980s, as well as with a traditional Irish busker. Anyone who’s into punk zines has gotta love this one. (Amber Forrester)

Perzine, #21, Anto, Eugene, [email protected],, $4