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What’s with all this over-the-top, multi-part, high drama art rock that is dominating the music scene these days? The critical establishment even went so far as to give the Polaris Prize to a fucking violin-heavy, concept album! Voivod must be wondering why no one has come calling for them; they’ve been doing this shit for years. They, like Malajube, also have an excuse though. They’re French. They never really got rock, so we couldn’t blame them for rococoing it all up like some over-decorated pastry. Besides, who doesn’t love pastries? Just don’t overdo it or you’ll get saturated and, like fellow prog-poppers the New Pornographers, Malajube will exhaust you, what with all the climaxes and time-changes. Take your maxirock in moderate doses and you’ll do just fine. (Terence Dick)

CD, Dare to Care Records, PO Box 463, Station C, Montreal QC, H2L 4K4

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