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Marketing Your Own Book is an excellent guide to exactly what it claims to teach you: how to promote your book. Helpful tips are laid out in the cheeky English tongue of writer Alison Baverstock who sympathizes with writers who feel gross aggressively marketing their own book. She outlines what writers should and should not do and say to their publishers (be self-obsessed, rude, unrealistic with the mentality they can get on Oprah) and really teaches readers what exactly marketing is and the work they must do to promote their book: know your market, study and compare competition, speak to journalists. Although the advice sounds obvious, it really isn’t and clearly explains to the writer why they should be doing all of these things.

There is an excellent chapter on the enormous potential of self-publishing as well as helpful case studies to show writers how to effectively market their book without the aid of a publishing house to support them. The book also outlines the importance of a well-designed website, which is really a must for any author today. If you pick up any book, chances are a serious author will have their own website, which is an incredibly important investment. (Erin Kobayashi)

by Alison Baverstock, $20, A&C Black, 38 Soho Square,London,W1D 3HB, UK,

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