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I’m always happy to read something that is put together with earnest, hard work. Good zines have that feeling to them. You can forgive spelling mistakes, sloppy art and bad photocopying if the creator is genuine. Mary Duh falls into this category. I can’t say it is the most impressive, innovative or creative zine. But it is fun and just intimate enough. Creator Anita Fixx throws in some little personal bits about Valentine’s Day and Girls in Punk that are, again, not exactly revolutionary or great literature, but they are good reads. The main chunk of Mary Duh is an ongoing comic, chapter five of Lust or Love. This is good stuff. Simply drawn but effective, Fixx provides a recap for us newbies and it makes me curious enough to track down back issues and look forward to future issues. (Jon Pressick)

Comic zine, Anita Fixx, #10, $2 or trade, 2326 Grant St., Vancouver, B.C., V5L 2Z9,

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