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As the life cycle continues and we render dead, animal flesh into the most succulent and carnivorously tasty meals, we can thank sites like MeatHenge for their support. With a name that commands respect, MeatHenge definitely deserves it as one of the best meat-blogs on the net (and there are quite a few, believe me). What started out as an amateur interest in both grilling and photography nearly 25 years ago has grown into a blog dedicated to the craft of meat-cooking. And that author’s handle is Biggles. What could be better?

While a meat-blog isn’t unique, the authority with which Biggles blogs about various cooking procedures, market rituals and meat consumption is hilariously special. Couple this with surprisingly good photography, and that makes for one good food-blog. The shots resemble those posters which assure you that you can cook anything and make a fantastic meal (but sadly it never looks like the picture!). And while he does seem to be producing these creations in none-too-spectacular a setting… it’s nice to fool ourselves.

One entry details his challenge to make a vegan meal (at MeatHenge? I know…) Biggles exhaustively posts a painfully detailed account of his attempt to create a truly great vegan chilli. After finally creating some “badass veggie stock,” things were looking promising. Then, after mulling over the idea of a vegan stew, Biggles just “wasn’t feeling the love.” This soon turned bitter–literally describing the final product as “inedible, bitter gasoline”–and his final rant concludes that no one should ever “make meat meals with soy products, its pathetic and wrong.” Amen, brother. (James King)

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