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Dear Editor-in-Chief of My Fat Irish Ass,

I would like to start off by saying that I made you into my personal hero after I read your “The Reverse Nigerian Email Scam” article. If it’s true, you should be venerated as a national hero; if it’s a work of your own brilliant imagination, then I say kudos, sir: your writing is a lark.

Now Ed, you know how I feel about you, but there’s something we really need to discuss. Your comics, they’re…they’re weird, Ed, and kind of incomprehensible and really jarring when grouped around and through the kind of snarky, witty writing that appears in the rest of this issue. I wanted badly to give The Ambivalent Issue the kind of glowing review that would make readers suspect we’re related, but the comics won’t let me. Don’t get me wrong, I almost reconsidered when I read the journal of your exploits around Washington. I can only approve of the pointless hazing of political pundits for no reason other than that they’re annoying or have bad hair. I think I may have actually cheered aloud once or twice. But Ed my friend, if you need to have graphical humour in your zine, consider farming out the task to one of your more artistically inclined minions. The comics that you have now are not friends of your fat Irish ass, or anyone else’s.

Sincerely, J. (J. Blackmore)

Zine, The Editor-in-Chief and Sole Proprietor, $2.00 US, My Fat Irish Ass!, PO Box 65391, Washington, DC 20035,USA,,

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