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This anthology of 15 different tales by 15 authors is not unlike that incredible sampler plate you order at your favourite restaurant. You savour the different textures, flavours, and dashes of spice in each morsel and in the future you’ll indulge in a full course of many of these delicious finds. This collection tempts us with tantalizing pieces of new work. Whether you search out Canadian writers, lesbian writers, or female writers, this collection will appeal to you. The combination illustrates how varied these identities and artistic expressions are. Some have your hands in your pants, some take your head and heart into your past and others call for a shoulder to cry on. Before each tale we are given notes from the author explaining their point of reference. A great annotated bibliography of “Canadian Literature with Lesbian Content” finishes the collection. Larissa Lai, Elizabeth Ruth, and Karen X.Tulchinsky all had me keening for more. Marnie Woodrow, Emma Donoghue, and Jane Eaton Hamilton also found me happily lost in their imaginations. If you already know and love these authors there is more for you to enjoy, and if you don’t know them yet it’s time to make their acquaintance. (heze douglas)

edited by Catherine Lake and Nairne Holtz, $21.95, 314 pgs, Insomniac Press, 192 Spadina Ave., Suite 403, Toronto, ON, M5T 2C2,

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