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We are all pilgrims in a way or at least that’s what the Bible tells us. Some make the metaphor literal, strap on their support soles and head out on the highway. One such walker is violinist Oliver Schroer who took his fiddle and a portable recorder with him on a trek along the thousand klicks of the Camino de Santoago trail. Rather than kneel in prayer at every church along the way, Schroer made music, recording solo compositions and improvisations to the accompaniment of each steeple’s wondrous acoustics. Never has reverb played such a part on one album. Here it places the listener in the pews as the violin conjures lyrical spirits that swoop up to the heavens. Clearly committed to carrying the extra weight of instrument and tape deck all those miles, Schroer rewards himself with this transcendent aural travel guide-including sounds of cow bells and fellow pilgrims along the way-that transports listeners with music while the CD package’s beautiful photos and heartfelt liner notes make the endeavour all that more inspiring. (Terence Dick)

CD, Big Dog Music,

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