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One Cool Word is a good zine. It’s pure endeavour to spread all arts makes me warm inside: music, poetry, poetry readings, annoying poetry readings (the ones where the poet stretches the last soft syllable of almost every line into some kind of half moan half whine vocal note), photography, short stories, paintings, shoe design, graphic design and so on. I am sure the list will lengthen with every issue. This zine comes with its own CD which was perfect to listen to while flipping through the visual pages. All artists showcased in the zine are Vancouverites so this is purely Vancouver arts. The writing is very good, especially the short stories. The poems did it for me too, though some were inaccessible to anyone except the poet. Thankfully none were self indulgent. The quality of the images is amazing, the paper is textured, and you can feel the ink of the images. The colours are so vibrant they reflect their tones on your face. Unfortunately, nowhere does the zine say how much it cost. I would spend up to four dollars but I’m frugal without the coupons. (Chasen Gillies),, SUBMISSIONS:

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