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When this zine landed in my mailbox I got excited. Based on the cover alone I fully expected to like it. However, after the first couple of pages I found I was disappointed.
The opening chapter (about writing stories) didn’t gel for me and the second chapter (about Julian’s decision to move to Pittsburgh) felt too long, despite running only two pages.
But, as I continued on, something happened. Somewhere along the way I became really invested in Julian’s story of living in a punk house in Pittsburgh. Though Julian’s style doesn’t grab and hook you immediately, the stories he tells are interesting enough that, given a chance, they’ll creep up on you and make you a fan.
Along the way he writes about learning how to do home repairs, getting a job as a pedicab driver, his dedication to the Free Food Cause, meeting strangers in supermarkets, and a month-long challenge-a-day contest he held with a friend.  But summary doesn’t do the stories justice; the magic is in the teasing and slow unfolding. With this issue, Julian’s already made at least one new fan. (Harley R. Pageot)

Perzine, #7, Julian,, $3

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