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This zine had bubble wrap attached as a cover. Despite the author’s explanation that the bubble wrap was supposed to be in case of boredom, it didn’t really work for me. If the zine isn’t strong enough: don’t publish it! I only make that point to bring to light so many excuses made by the “maker” or the “doer.” They aren’t necessary and detract from the work itself. Now for the work itself: This zine displays potential. Thoughtful ideas within the writing are present and appropriately conveyed, but in any case, further development is needed. I think the coming-of-age/ennui of latter adolescence is a topic ripe for illumination by those who are actually experiencing it. While the drawings that accompany this publication are the weaker portion of concept, there are some standouts. The coat hanger diagram used to squash/catch bugs is my personal favourite. All in all, not a bad attempt and with further efforts, this could turn into something very interesting. (Carolyn Tripp)

fiction zine, Bryce Warnes, #4, $2, 1225 Sutherland Dr, Cowichan Bay, BC, V0R 1N2,

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