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Graduate students did this. Once a year these graduate students do this magazine. In some places the magazine feels like a graduate student exercise: “Write five poems and hand them in at the end of the class.” There’s a book review in here that laments the lack of Canadian locales in mass-market fiction. Please. The other book reviews are about books by Salman Rushdie and Alice Munro – as if we really need more book reviews about books by Rushdie and Munro. And then there’s the interview with Paul Quarrington. Could someone please do an interview with a writer who didn’t win the fucking governor general’s award? If this “graduate students do magazine” thing is about empowerment, why not give some space to people who wouldn’t ordinarily get the space? I don’t get it.

literary magazine / no known publisher / main creators: Alice Palumbo & Alana Wilcox (editors) / $? / c/o Department of English, 7 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON, M5S 1A1

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