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The zines of Canadian-born photographer Ryan Foerster tend toward the grainy and monochrome, and are so unpretentiously designed as to seem almost affected in their simplicity. But there are, thankfully, no indications that this homemade quality is intended to be knowingly twee, and, without distractions, the photos speak for themselves.

Foerster’s quick and candid manner is well employed in his nudes, which are chaste without being devoid of sensuality, and his too infrequent outdoor shots, the best of which feature snow. Perhaps the most striking image is a hazy portrait of a young man in a collared shirt, eyes distant, who looks just sombre enough to render useless the word “expressionless.”

Also available from Foerster are a number of self-titled full-colour newsprints, all free. (Daniel Marrone)

Polaroids zine, Ryan Foerster, $1.00 each,, 527 W 48 St., New York, NY, 10036

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