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zine review:

Pope Hats #1

Pope Hats No. 1is a comic that nonchalantly explores the experience of being twenty something. Readers follow the main character, Franny, as she hangs out, gets drunk, works a mediocre job and cuts her own hair. So far, her friends include the potentially alcoholic Vickie and a deranged ghost named Saarsgard. Alongside this overly unhelpful cast of characters Franny is dealing with the all-too-familiar feeling of aimlessness that comes with her age. Written in a “slice-of-life” style, half the comic establishes Franny and her friends while the other half shows Franny telling a couple of legitimately spooky ghost stories. Cartoonist Seth called Pope Hats “the most impressive debut comic I’ve seen in years.” As for myself, I was hooked as soon as I laid eyes on the cover. (Katharine Snider-McNair)

Comic, Ethan Rilly, 546 Manning Ave, Toronto ON, M6G 2V9,, $4US/CAN

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