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Bile, scribbles and severed limbs: it’s all in a day’s work for Prevailing Nonsense. This pint-sized zine is a jumbled, unfocused mess and founder Yahnsfart would have it no other way, by the look and smell of things. There’s a serious violent streak to Prevailing Nonsense, best exemplified by the multi- page spread about cutting off your finger with a butter knife. Much blood ensues and the piece has about as much class as a low grade slasher flick, all splayed out over a Montreal subway car. The remainder of the zine isn’t much better and that’s OK because it doesn’t appear maturity and virtue were any of Yahnsfart’s goals when he was putting together Prevailing Nonsense. He was obviously aiming to provoke and while this goofy schlock isn’t remotely “extreme” in this day and age, it does have a vague juvenile appeal in that garbage-in, garbage- out kind of fashion. Unfortunately, it’s tough to give this Prevailing Nonsense a thumbs up because it’s a bit too puerile and pointless to hold appeal even for the most hardened garbage picker in the BP audience. It’s OK to keep things left of centre, but without so much as a smidge of focus, it’s a tall order to expect anybody to give a shit about this shit. (Cameron Gordon)

Yann Le Scieller

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