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Vancouver’s Primes offer a unique brand of beeps and glitches drenched in industrial drum and bass technique and arpeggiated synths. The bands sophomore release, Facades and Pink Forms, offers up 11 tracks worth of futuristic techno with punk vocals resting on top. The band’s eclectic line-up features visual guru Tanya Pea (familiar for her sonic imagery at Autechre and Orbit shows) punk-rocker Jack Duckworth [Ed. not of Coronation Street but] of Vancouver band Radio Berlin and old school techno vet, Erik West. Unfortunately, every member seems a little too comfortable with their style to work together towards a collective tone. Facades delivers dark, Trent Reznor inspired techno, with potential to carve its own niche in the scene and perhaps honour fellow Vancouver locals, Skinny Puppy. But before doing this, the band’s going to have to function as a whole. Facades and Pink Forms is a worthy listen for fans of Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails. (Andrew Seale)

CD, Postfact Records,

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