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Jordan Fry is the editor of Grey Borders Books and he is a host of the Virus Reading Series. This is the first time I’ve read his poetry. It is dark and emotional. It has a tone that is distinctly macabre and sullen. It would not surprise me if Jordan were not friendly or perhaps if he was considering changing his life in some drastic way. Maybe writing these poems is healthy then.

His poetry seems very personal and tragic. He seems a bit angry about something. Take “forgiveness” for example: (“On mornings, sometimes afternoons, when i/ am unable to roll out of bed and into/ the shower, I pretend that I am waiting for you/ to call. You never do. And I have never forgiven/ you for that.”) I don’t think Jordan is making any of this up. I think this poetry really happened. That is sad. (Jack Cena)

Poetry zine, 1432 Queen Street, Hamilton, ON, L34 2R1,, $1

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