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Page upon page of found art and photo images galore, Revolution doesn’t quite live up to its lofty moniker but it does offer a pretty solid bang for the buck with a ton of cool images and some squarely off-kilter pacing. Off the top, there is very little consistency to this zine, shuffling back and forth between a wide range of photos without too much regard for structure or flow or human decency. That said, there is a fair bit of eye candy at work here and it comes at the hands of repetition or as fashion majors would call it, “the layered look.” Arabs, zebras, naked bodies lying face down on the cement… all of these items are depicted in multiples, given a vaguely Warholesque feel to these photo collages. One page leads to another and Revolution does a great job of confounding and overloading the senses at once. Best of all, there is very little text in the zine, meaning those pesky sentences and paragraphs don’t get in the way of the pure visceral thrills that photography can offer. This is modern art that somehow manages to eschew computers and the WWW and all that crap, choosing instead to rely on brainpower and imagination to fuel its fire. (Cameron Gordon)

Art zine, David, #1, 38 pages, $8 (includes postage), 6210 Clinton St, Burnaby, BC, V5J 2M7,

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