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Having dated someone who played the double bass, I can attest to the deep spiritual bond that exists between player and instrument. Before love, before breath, there comes the sound of a lone finger plucking a sweetly-tuned string that can bend ears, opinions, even lives. Rockabilly maven Ronnie Artur definitely has an embryonic Dead Ringers relationship with his instrument, investing infinite care into his rich, swinging bass-playing, whilst throwing away absurdly dry lyrics about procrastination (Tomorrow), dating perils (Orange Suede Coat), and depressing hipsters (Man…Are You Cracked?). This is a really fine album, rooted in be-bop but unafraid to engage the present moment with wry intelligence and refined musicality. Slip into a cardigan, pour yourself a whiskey, and let the weirdness flow. (Karyn Bonham)

CD, Northern Electric Music,

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