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Samurai Dreams is put out by a few boys from the States who review fringe films. I love the standard black-and-white photocopied zine; I still favour it over the glossy, pro-“DIY” zines out there and this zine is a prime example. And they’ve got heart! Speaking to their readers in their fifth issue, the Samurai Dreams crew is enthusiastic and friendly and fun. They have contests in their zines to spot the fake film reviews and send the winner a free mystery tape. In this issue, there are 31film reviews, a Dennis Hopper feature including eight more reviews, and a lengthy article written about two beloved video rental stores that have recently closed in Massachusetts, where the SD crew is from. The reviews by the five zinesters are well written and demonstrate the passion and skill these guys have for films on the fringe. And the films are on the fringe; 200 Cigarettes, Chameleon Street and Living on Tokyo Time are a few of the titles reviewed. Overall the energy and excitement from the makers of the zine somehow translates through Xerox; if you love obscure movies then you will appreciate this zine. (Grace Evans)

zine, #5, 60 Fairgrounds Road. Cummington, MA 01026, USA

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