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Samurai Dreams is a staple-bound b/w classic review zine that has to be credited for dedication to its field. As it stands SD is chalk-full of obscure film reviews, articles and other fetishist curios. It’s amazing how many weird films are out there, let alone how much thought has gone into preserving them like cave scrawls on the tummies of Xeroxed caves. The main editor is someone called Endless Greg, and some of his pals. This issue is dubbed “The Fantastic Return of…It’s A Sewer Thing!” and contains a comprehensive review system for strange films such as “The Beaver Trilogy” including “The Beaver Kid” (1979) and “Beaver Kid 2” (1981). Then there’s a piece by Max Clark on Max Fleischer’s animated Superman, which I enjoyed immensely. Plenty to see here folks. (Nathaniel G. Moore)

film review zine, Endless Greg, Summer 2006 Issue, 60, Fairgrounds Rd., Cummington, MA 01026 U.S.A.

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