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Sadly, living in Toronto tends to condition an almost unavoidable bias towards Toronto’s definitive role in the Canadian music scene. Streetlamps sit plastered, with out-of-towner performances, glue obscuring cover prices and opening acts. And here amongst our hipster ignorance, we watch as “our” scene dominates international charts. But Halifax’s The Sleepless Nights come with a message–they’re not interested in debating the epicentre of Canadian music. The eastern Canada collective features east-coast musicians: A.A. Wallace, Andrew Sisk of Share (Wallace produced Share’s debut), Matt McDonald of the Superfantastics, Jeffery Pineau and the Establishment’s Trevor Murphy and Josh Pothier. Reminiscent of minimal indie pop acts Pedro the Lion and The Truly Me Club, the Sleepless Nights display their retrospective songwriting style and ability to write catchy pop, on their third album Turn into Vapor. The squealing monosynth lead and songwriting in “All Andrew’s Friends” are a healthy departure from the music scene’s Internet-fueled depression. That being said, the music carries a tone that seems rooted in the small town boredom associated with the East Coast. But the beauty in Turn into Vapour is the simplicity of the music. Each track is flawlessly produced to find a happy medium between a live and studio sound. Turn into Vapour won’t knock your socks off, but it may inspire you to buy a new pair from the East Coast. (Andrew Seale)

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