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Merriam-Webster defines the word splurge as “an ostentatious effort, display or expenditure.” Splurge is a zine that splurges. Its pieces are varied and topics are vast. The writing swings from verbose, ornate and flowery language with paragraph-long sentences to short personal pieces.

The zine welcomes contributors and has writers from all over but Devin McCawley edits it in Edmonton. My favourite piece is McCawley’s “dis-connect.” He writes, “Edmonton is a city trapped within two extremes…Only two seasons here. Winter. And not-winter.”

As a former Edmontonian, I can reminisce nostalgically and appreciate the subtle Albertan references sprinkled throughout. Edmontonians always bitch for eight months of the year. But without those eight months of freezing our butts off, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the four months of bliss. Splurge is kind of like Albertan weather. Sometimes it feels like you’re shovelling snow, muddling through a piece, but then you reach the end, and you notice a bud appearing and the birds have returned. (Michelle Kay)

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