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zine, $1, PO Box 2214, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3R5

As good a zine as any to introduce us to the wacky world of prairie publishing. Often ignored, the west gets no respect, sandwiched as it is between the zine making Mecca’s of TO and Vancouver. But a round-up of zines shows that indie culture is alive and well west of Windsor. Take Spooky, an upbeat portrayal of Winnipeg’s counter culture. Snippets on the horrors of Winnipeg in winter give way to a q + a with Strange Angels (a duo formally known as The Welfare Starlets). In another issue, we get to hear about The Valley Room Restaurant (AKA Eaton’s fifth floor cafeteria). Here, Winnipeg goths smoke, hang out with really old people, and appreciate “the sense of faded grandeur.” If you’re ever in Winnipeg, take up our plucky editor Clytemnestra’s invite to meet her for “lunch at Eaton’s – where you too can eat mashed potatoes with the undead.” (HN)

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