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SubAlterNation number six is a teensy-tiny music zine out of Hawaii that basically contains one essay, originally submitted to a since-folded Hawaiian magazine, about local band Chandelle and their rise to popularity on the “mainland.” Conveyed in the article is a sense of love and pride for the homebred indie rockers, and the writing is literate and not as preachy as one might expect. I’m not sure how well this will attract the average zine reader, as this sort of artist biography is more or less ubiquitous on the Internet, but it is always nice to read a spirited little essay about a loved band.

Number seven is SubAlterNation’s first issue since moving from Hawaii to Pacific Grove, California. Included in these 10 wee pages are reviews of three sophomore releases by ex-Hawaiian bands. Author Nathan’s writing is informative if unspectacular, but it is the passion he has for his country and its music that makes this a pleasant read. If the music of Hawaiian expats tickles your knickers, give this one a look. (Michael Tau)

zine, Nathan, issue 6 & 7, 50 cents,, PO Box 51245, Pacific Grove, CA, 93950

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