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Are G7 Welcoming Committee, or the Subhumans for that matter, aware that it is easier to download Subhumans UK material right now? If you ask me that spells “time to re-release some classic material,” not “dudes, let’s record new material with kind of terrible lyrics and a sound like sluggish Suffer-era Bad Religion.” There comes a time in your life as a band when one liners like “I’ll put the idiot in ideology” and “You’ve got your sights set on Iran/But what about Uzbekhistan” don’t cut it anymore. I’m all for wanting to address the times of the day, but when it looks like the Administration you are singing about is falling apart by the time you record the song about them, reconsider. They have basically become the worst dad band going and if they have kids, those kids are embarrassed by this CD. Their money should have been spent on rereleases, not an ill-conceived reunion. Better yet, the money could have gone to the homeless, who are mentioned a number of times in the lyrics, and are likely not benefiting much from those mentions. (Matt Collins)

CD, New Dark Age Parade

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