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A touring member of Frog Eyes, a founding member of Wolf Parade, and, initially, the only member of Sunset Rubdown, Spencer Krug is a busy guy. Conceived of, originally, as a solo project, Sunset Rubdown has, on more than one occasion, been called a “side-project” for Krug. A single listen to the second full-length from what is now a full-fledged group and it quickly becomes apparent to even the most jaded of listeners that this is no after-thought. While comparisons to Wolf Parade are unavoidable, Krug has managed to fashion his own distinct project. Kicking off with the soaring and anthemic Stadiums and Shrines II (which would not have sounded out of place on last year’s Wolf Parade release Apologies to the Queen Mary), Shut Up I Am Dreaming quickly changes gears, embracing experiment and playfulness. Particularly pleasing is the frequent employment of what seems to be a child’s xylophone. The kind with metallic out-of-tune keys and a plastic ball-ended stick with which to hit them. It is the judicious use of this instrument that lends a certain poignancy and vulnerability to the music, transporting the listener to a place of unrest and unease, of desire and longing-a place not unwelcome, though not often sought. (Geoffrey Brown)

CD, Global Symphonic,

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