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Which are you? A pack rat or one of those snotty, goody-goody neat freaks who thinks they’re better than me… Er, one of those clean, organized paragons of society? If you’re the latter, then refer back to Syndicate Product’s 11th issue, “Jettisoned.” If you’re proudly in the other category, than issue 12, Year of the (Pack)Rat is a must-read. This issue begins with an insightful overview of zine culture in the last year by A.j. Michel and then follows up with page after page of warm, funny, weird and poignant essays on all the stuff we can’t let go. For audiophiles the “Bought for a Song” section will be of particular interest, chronicling the rise and fall of the dedicated music store, with vinyl taking pride of place. It’s mostly pointless, and a little bit silly, but it’s a fun read full of quality writing that might build some bridges between the packrats and the tossers–uh, I mean, the neat. (J. Blackmore)

Litzine, A.j. Michel, issue 12–Year of the (Pack)Rat, $3, Syndicate Product, C/O A.j. Michel, PO Box 877, Lansdowne PA 19050, USA,,

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