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This is a black and white sci-fi/horror adventure comic about Dat Williams and the struggles he faces aboard his ship the Charon. In the last issue, Dat is on the brink of insanity when the derelict ship of Sarah Stopheles is picked up, only to find that she is no longer human. Now we continue on with Dat unconscious in the sick bay and Sarah trying to make her way in.

Nicholas Welp cares about what he does and it shows. Each frame moves the story forward while keeping a flow that’s easy to follow–important if you want your character to be cared for. The variety of angles Nick uses in each illustration gives the comic a filmic depth and seems to almost give off a soundtrack as you read. Dealing mostly with loneliness, depression and starvation, the most effective tool Nick has is his storytelling. Very few things happen in this issue but there’s a sense of mystery in each panel. He keeps the reader waiting for an answer, building anticipation with each page. I’m not even a sci-fi fan but at the end of this, I wanted more. (Robert Lines)

comic, Part 2, Nicholas Welp, $2 USD, postage not included, c/o EL TIGRE, 3401 Timmons Ln #27, Houston, TX 77027,

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