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zine review:

The Molotov Rag

The Molotov Rag is a zine with lots of content without the bulk, which has me quite happy just out of principle. This content has two major objectives: to educate the reader and to urge them to step up and do something. Despite the rather despairing introduction, the zine itself is rich with Earth-friendly alternatives and articles on other ways to be happy besides doping up on drugs of all kinds. I’m impressed, believe it or not. I’m the kind of skeptic who looks at the world and thinks, “Bugger it, it’s too far gone.” Molotov Rag kindly slaps me across the face and shows me that it’s NOT too far gone and that I CAN do something about it. Added to that, to ease the sting of the aforementioned slap, is a small streak of tongue-in­cheek humour in the form of comics, artwork and articles.

I’m impressed, smitten and thoroughly hell-bent on making a difference. I don’t care who you are, whether you’re an old-hat activist or a skeptic like me, pick up this zine and read it, and I bet you that you’ll feel the fire of Revolution, too. (Tara Blackmore)

Zine, Fall 2009, Issue #3, The Molotov Rag c/o Panacea, 588 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON, M6G 1K4

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