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Unfolding the quartered spread of yellowed paper is like unfolding a map, and you will find The Motivist to be a treasure.

Upside down maps of bicycle routes, sideways photographs of marshes, doodles of dogs and journal-like scribes of adventure are the essence of this zine-let (half zine, half pamphlet).

Throughout five issues of the first volume, we craftily follow Sarah Evans and Al Barbour (with other contributors along the road) on their bicycles from Sackville, New Brunswick through Atlantic marshes up to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The point? You can find adventure and document it with sketches and photographs and independently publish it for all to see right here in this beautiful country. On these maps of marshes, “X” doesn’t always mark the spot, but The Motivist has got it bang on. (Brit Weaver)

Zine, Sarah Evans and Al Barbour, 2649 Fuller Terrace, Halifax, NS, B3K 3V8, $25 (1 year subscription, 6 issues)

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