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The N.B. (Ninja Burger) Crew is an online comic about a group of wise cracking ninjas who own and operate a burger joint on the edge of town. It’s pretty much the same concept as that old cartoon Samurai Pizza Cats except there are people instead of cats and burgers instead of pizza. The underlying premise is solid; I’ve always been a big fan of the whole light, slapstick, superhero type of thing.

The artwork is pretty good. Beyond that I don’t have too many good things to say about this comic book. Aside from a few snappy one-liners the dialogue was drab. Although the characters are well developed in the one page of text introduction at the beginning of the book, they don’t really jump out at you during the actual story.

Also, I don’t really think I’m into this whole online format. Call me old fashioned but I really like to be able to actually hold on to my comics. I’m generally into the whole format more for the art work rather than the story and I feel it just looks better on paper.

I’m not saying I don’t occasionally read online comics but considering how many free online comics there are, I certainly would never pay for one, even if it was only two bucks. (Thom Bator)

by Rocco Commisso, $2, 24 pgs,

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