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As soon as I read that The Pope’s record label likened them to “a Honduran volcano spewing reptiles instead of lava,” I knew that we would be best friends. I have no trouble believing that this noise-rock duo (bass + drums) thinks they are the absolute best band ever. And in case you yourself aren’t 100% convinced, the sound effect of a bowling strike on “Great Leap Forward” serves to assure you that they did indeed just birth the greatest song ever. Sports features such gems (at least title-wise) as “Ricksha Race Through Outer Space,” “Battledore and Shuttlecock” and “Chocolate Babies.” Inexplicably, it also has three “Untitled” tracks in a row. Right at the end of the album. Probably because one of their equally awesome buddies called them up at the studio wanting to go for beers and the band was all, “Naw man, we’re just finishing titling our new rec–aw fuck it, where at?” (Ashley Carter)

CD, Wantage USA,

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