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This issue of the Positive Vegan has 24 recipes that run the gamut from aloo paratha to mexican lasagne to apple date and cinnamon scones. Mmmmm. There are soups and salads and lots of dessert in here. All vegan. I figured I should try out a recipe in order to really really review this zine, so I made the Mediterranean pie. It was delicious and a welcome change from my usual fare, though not being vegan I had a hard time using margarine instead of butter (I used butter, don’t tell the vegans). Some of the measurements were hard to follow; what does 300 grams of fresh spinach look like? Luckily there’s a conversion chart on the front page. Overall this is a great vegan zine complete with morbid 19th century cover art, beautiful colour centrefolds, cut and paste punk images underneath all the recipes and even a playlist in the back. (Krisztina Kun)

PO Box 3220 Redfern NSW Australia 2016

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