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The same suburban kid who makes a zine probably has to pay for it slaving away in some hot greasy hell hole for minimum. Thus, another zine that deals exclusively with the world of fast- food. This issue is dedicated completely and solely to Audrey’s own interest in Subway Subs where she worked and, for all we know, is still slaving away making meatball subs and cold-cut combos. I liked this zine though the potential for hard hitting fast-food articles is not realized. Probably, this is because compared to most fast-food places, Subway is not all that bad (consider the grease factor). Still, Audrey manages to convince me that there are many annoying things that happen every time she goes into work. People puking on the floor of the bathroom and Americans demanding American change are just a few of problems our brave fast-food worker must face. But I think Audrey kinda likes Subway subs. She includes tributes to the olive and to the hot pepper and fills us in on the history of Subway’s creator Fred DeLuca. Damn, Fred was only nineteen when he started his first sub-shop. Why didn’t I think of that? Okay, I’m giving too much away. The song. The song is great. Try singing it out loud with a turkey club stuffed up your nose.

zine / #1, 19 pages / main creator: Audrey, the sandwich artist / publisher: unknown / $1 / 6266 Starfield Cres., Mississauga, ON, L5N 1X4

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