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Damn handclaps, damn them to hell! They are the obvious reference when it is said that idle hands are the devil’s work. Upon hearing handclaps in a song, I become incapable of rational thought and willingly submit to the pleasure of dancing, in spite of any pressing deadlines or commitments. Hence, reviewing The Vertical Struts was a dangerous undertaking; my ability to focus was sorely tested by my desire to jump up from my desk every two minutes and bop around excitedly. Every song on this album is impossibly catchy (especially pansexual garage rock stompers like Girlfriend Boyfriend and It’s Just I Gotta Know), and guaranteed to make you hop out of your skin with the thrill of finding a new favourite band. With a simple line-up of drums, a guitar, and idle hands, the Vertical Struts have made one of the best albums I have heard in awhile and it all clocks in at less than thirty minutes. Obviously, repeat play is essential. (Karyn Bonham)

CD, Pop Echo Records,

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