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There is one lie here, and one potential lie. The lie is that Cynthia Longhair doesn’t really exist. She’s Laura McCoy’s pseudonym (see Hot Dick review). The potential lie can be found on the dedication page: “Based on a hot dream I had in spring 2006.” But this hot love affair between the king of the jungle and striped polyester hipster feels so tried and true; so much that it’s hard to imagine it didn’t really happen. If anything, the memory of the sizzle night is held in the McCoy memory bank as a dream. Here’s the story: lion meets girl through a circle of friends, they dance, shag and snooze. And lo and behold, Mr. Lion disappears soon thereafter, leaving only strands of his shaggy mane behind. While she stands at the door digging her fingers into the back pockets of her jeans, he wags his tail and jauntily trots off. No doubt, light and playful relationships are fun, but this zine reveals their downside: the hopeful one is the hurt one. Maybe that’s why Lion Love can only be remembered (or disguised) as a dream–it would hurt too much otherwise. (Nadja Sayej)

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