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It isn’t often that a zine will make me laugh anymore. Sad, but true. Most zine humour is a) stupidly vulgar, b) recycled from somewhere else, and thus, c) unoriginal and just not funny. But This Little Piggy Went to Hogtown made me laugh and laugh because it breaks all three of those stereotypes. Taking on Toronto’s famous nickname as his subject, McStone tells the story that has been passed through his family of the rise of the pork industry in colonial times and how that influenced what is now this (supposedly) international city. Delightfully absurd but written with such confidence, this story reads like someone’s ridiculous uncle talking crap around a campfire. And you just know that everyone loves to listen to that uncle because he talks such crap. Wickedly inventive and fun! (Jon Pressick)

Cornelious P. McStone, lit/humour zine, McStone and McStone Ltd. Publishing and Nail Care Salon, 18 Davenport Road, Suite 1006, Toronto, ON

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