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Laura Murray lists her email address as just_got2dance at Well, it would seem that she “just got to” write poetry as well, although I’m thinking she could stand to spend some more time on this hobby. That wasn’t a diss, I’m just saying she might want to expand her portfolio a bit.

There’s one poem by the name of “[shoreline]” which consists solely of the word waves typed over and over, formed into an oscillating pattern and sometimes spot-coloured dark red. Typographically, I suppose it’s a nice effect, but I can’t help thinking it would’ve been a bit more evocative if she’d thrown a couple more words in there. Like, two or three is all I’m asking. This is why you’re getting your asses handed to you by bloggers, you lazy zinemakers! This is why! (N.B.: Laura also runs a blog.)

The other two poems, which also have aquatic/outdoorsy themes to them, are actually quite nice. You can go check out her website, I’m sure they’re up there. Well, not completely sure, because my ‘net connection has sucked lately, but pretty sure. (Mike Drach)

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