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“The chainletter tapes are private documents for sleuthy women seeping proof of what they’ve seen and evidence of more,” reads the Joanie 4 Jackie chainletter (which reads more like a manifesto). “This is girlculture: No stammer, no glamour.”

Founded by Miranda July in 1995, Joanie 4 Jackie, an alternative distro system, used to be called Big Miss Moviola. Now run by Jacqueline Goss, a video artist who teaches at Bard College in New York, the tape chainletter compiles short films and sends them out only to those who submitted one. So if you want a copy, keep in mind there are two requirements: You must be a girl and you must submit something revealing. There on in, its a secret (ssh!), but to get a taste, a few works here include Genderqueer Santa Cruz which is a travel through trans by Rachel Durarte, and This is What I Know by Sadie Marie Wechsler, “a story about story telling, or about understanding these boys.” (Nadja Sayej)

zine (and DVD), Joanie 4 Jackie, issue 100,

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