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Chances are, if you read Broken Pencil (which you apparently do), you’re at least cursorily familiar with J. Andrew Magoffin and his particular brand of endearingly lo-fi indie pop. And chances are you own a small handful of records produced at his London, Ontario studio, House of Miracles, where bands like Royal City, the Constantines, and Great Lake Swimmers have all tracked their own bits of musical mastery. With Two-Minute Miracles, Magoffin indulges his love of gritty sonic textures, with gentle acoustic tones running up against scratchy distortion and the odd tambourine/horn section. Volume IV is more greatness from Magoffin’s songwriting workshop, with some of the most memorable melodies the band has ever committed to tape (and, in this case, that’s not just a lazy music journalism cliché) popping up on songs like “Night of Rain” and “In a Good Light.” Through some creative arrangements and great production, this latest volume from London’s strongest purveyors of awesome indie-rock is probably their best yet. (Sam Sutherland)

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