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Part alternative weekly and part cultural sounding board, Upfront is a pretty neato read, considering it originates in, ahem, Windsor (and yeah, we realize it comes out monthly, not weekly). With all the print ads for various biker bars, wing specials and sex shops, the initial reaction is to chuck this mofo before you even start. But lucky for all, the content kinda kicks, and Upfront can easily provide several dozen minutes of pure reading pleasure. There’s an interview with a local forensic investigator, some stuff about the afterlife, computer viruses, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, zombie flicks, graphic novels and much, much more. Upfront’s greatest strength is its complete lack of pretense. Unlike some of the crap you see coming out of Toronto or Montreal, Upfront doesn’t front to any sort of urban “cool” and instead focuses on the writing, which is solid, informative and engaging. The magazine has a great flow as well and there’s a real consistency to message and meaning, allowing the reader to sift through at a leisurely pace without having to contend with the chop. It makes the bosomy babes that inhabit the ad space a bit easier to stomach, realizing that they’re merely a means of getting these words out. In short, Upfront is a definitely team effort that exceeds expectations right across the board. (Cameron Gordon)

325 Chatham Street West, Windsor, ON, N9A 5M8

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