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I once had a high-school English teacher who told me that if I revisit Hamlet every few years, I’d find something different each time. Well, apparently the same works for the Zapruder film. In a late night exploration into the REAL reason JFK was taken out, I stumbled onto WFMU radio’s blog featuring a new take on the film’s truth or hoax appeal. Delving a little deeper into the site revealed what an interesting little blog this turned out to be. Count it as another inexhaustible resource for some of the web’s strangest, but there are a lot of great links in here. Links to images of Michael Palin ranting in robotic jibberish (literally), an mp3 list of top on-stage rants and breakdowns by big artists and even our old arts editor Brian Joseph Davis found a thread to his burned-banned-albums flash site. But to be honest, these links are peripheral to the guts of the blog: music. The site has a great archive of live and studio mp3’s of bands, spoken word and just about every remix in between. Muppet clips (the Yip Yip martians), a Klaus Kinski explosion, gospel sounds and more appear until your eyes and ears tire. Featured guests have been TV’s own Tom Verlaine, Fozzie the Bear, and just about every indie band of every variety from the NY area. While the blog is, technically, just a service to the well-established radio station, it manages to hold up its own, creating yet another cultural reservoir I can kill my waking hours in. (James King)

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