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Spiral Tribe was in fact one of the first D.I.Y. rave organizers in the U.K before getting banned by authorities via the repetitive beat law. This law effectively prohibits any public gathering of people in the U.K. while repetitive beats are played. Spiral Tribe members then bought a convoy of cold war era trucks to travel and bring the party vibe abroad, which turned out to be anywhere other than the U.K. and possibly Iran.

There are four segments on this DVD: a backgrounder on the origins of Spiral Tribe and three major tours including post war Bosnia circa 1995, Goa, India in 1997 and West Africa in 2002. Spiral Tribe managed to bring the party vibe to these far reaching places despite bureaucratic obstacles and aging trucks in constant need of repair. War torn Bosnia was heartrending as footage depicted the extent of destruction caused by the conflict. Spiral Tribe managed to bring food and supplies, toys for children and a pretty good party for receptive locals in need of a distraction from the surrounding misery. The next segment, the trip to Goa, proved fruitless for the Tribe as India had an impenetrable trance scene at the time, and Spiral Tribe attempted to bring breaks recordings to the scene. On the other hand, breath taking environs and locals made the trip worthwhile.

The most fruitful trip for the tribe appeared to be West Africa, 2002. Both the locals and authorities were welcoming and receptive to the party vibe. Rather than merely play for the Africans, spiral tribe and the locals collaborated to make new sounds. The Africans easily seem to be the coolest and most open minded to a good party without giving hassles. This DVD is for rave enthusiasts, particularly those interested in U.K.-origin D.I.Y. legends, Spiral Tribe and what became of them after they left England. Music enthusiasts, be forewarned the tracks are dated, so this DVD serves more as a retrospective on techno and breaks classics. Despite the dated aspect, the sounds are still quite savory. (I. Khider)

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