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With references to football, YouTube, Bruce Lee and farts, this manual aims to provide yoga exercises geared towards the average guy, and indeed it does. Using images of Richard Simmons culled from his “Reach” exercise record, this is a fun and informative guide that manages to explain simple yoga moves adapted for any old Joe. Heck, I tried a few exercises out and found myself quite relaxed by the end of it. My only qualms would be that the writing is sometimes a tad cheesy, and that occasionally the descriptions of the various moves can be confusing. I still can’t figure out the “shoulder rotation” exercise. However, I suppose such is the case when you don’t have focus groups and the ilk to try everything out. As far as zines go, this one is more unique and useful than most of the stuff you’ll find out there. If you’re interested, make sure to email J.G. Sookocheff, the author, before ordering. (Michael Tau)

zine, J.G. Sookocheff, issue 1, $3,, Box 802, Wilkie, Saskatchewan, S0K 4W0

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