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I have to admit to completely fetishizing the extremist side of religion, especially when it comes to good old Christianity. There is something to be said for the bizzaro and often hilarious lengths some folks will go to ensure that they are right with God, and Gangelhoff nails these laughs right through this reader’s palms. He focuses on purist Christian attacks on everything, ranging from denouncing the Santanic power of the moral gateway drug that is Christian Rock, to Harry Potter as a Satanic witchcraft recruitment tool designed for our innocent children. Rather than simply discuss the apparent lack of sanity in these kinds of allegations, Gangelhoff plays it mostly deadpan, attempting to let them plead their own case using their own words and “quality” research to really lay clear the sinful specifics. E-mails from Christian teenagers, posted by Dial-The-Truth Ministries, lamenting their seduction through Christian Rock that “led to terrible immorality, rebellion and rejection of God” are as funny as they are suspect. Hearing the detailed rundown of a confrontation between protester and clergy at a Harry Potter book burning seems almost too surreal to be true-but we’re talking purist Middle America, here. This zine is a perfect tool to keep yourself on the path to J.C.: how else would I have known to keep my children away from My Little “occult” Pony or that the world’s most famous Christian Hair Metal artist STRYPER (Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace Encouragement and Righteousness) actually sports lycra in Satan’s colours of yellow and black. I highly recommend this soul-saving zine, because at least if you go to hell, your eternal damnation will be paved with laughter. (Mathew Thomas)

Zine, Nate Gangelhoff, #4: The Secret Side Of Satan Special Issue, $2, 27 pgs,

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