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zine review:

Your Opinion No Longer Matters, Comrade #2: The Growing Up Issue

This is a strange little zine. With a title like Your Opinion No Longer Matters, Comrade, I expected anti-capitalist rants and the refutation of my value to society and the new world order. I was disappointed.

Sure, the first essay goes so far as to inform the reader that anyone in the “mainstream” is, well, stupid, but this was just false hope. The rest of the zine is a meditation on growing up, just like it says in the subhead, and growing up the way everyone does, not just future cultural guerillas. Some of it was charming, some of it was cute, but it very quickly devolves into a perzine. By the end I was pretty sure I’d been led astray. If you want a slice of nostalgia, it’s worth a look, but not if you want something a little angrier. (J. Blackmore)


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