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Maybe old, but still awesome, Yuck! is worth tracking down. Made in 2003, Stephanie and Kevin got together with some Betty Crocker recipe cards, what looks like old ’70s wallpaper, some scissors and glue and got down to some serious mocking. Each page of this little zine contains a recipe accompanied by a commentary on how disgusting the recipe truly looks and sounds. Gelatin moulds were all the rage, I suppose, since they keep popping up again and again, with even worse looking results. It’s one thing to mix fruit with gelatin, but mayonnaise, tomato and chicken? It’s easy to see where they got the inspiration for the title of this zine. See the excerpts section for photographic examples of these disgusting recipes.

The only disappointment is that we only get to see the picture of the dish, not the ingredients. I’m sure that the thought of what goes into these things is worse than how they look. (Lindsay Gibb)

Food zine, Stephanie Scarborough & Kevin Buchanan, P.O. Box 981, Fort Worth, TX, 76101, U.S.A.,

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